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During these difficult times when none of us are really sure about anything, more and more people are turning to the internet to get literally everything. The cost of living is climbing everyday and finding ways to save money as a consumer or keep your bottom line healthy as a local business owner is a daunting task. "Think Clayton" is more than just a website, we have a popular Facebook Page as well as a private and moderated Facebook Group.Neil & Susan Fabbo Our Group is growing fast because it is different. "Think Clayton" was conceived to provide an atmosphere of community and growth. You can even Sign up For Our Private Facebook Group (Think Clayton) with your business Facebook Page!  We will be putting together informative and entertaining spotlights and features of local businesses and government for all to enjoy. If you're a local business owner you will find lots of resources and free advertising  waiting for you. Thanks again for visiting and please visit and subscribe to all of our channels. 

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Jupiter and Venus 'kiss' in a stunning planetary conjunction tonight. Here's how to watch.

By Brandon Specktor published about 18 hours ago

On March 1 and 2, Jupiter and Venus will appear side by side in the night sky in an event called a conjunction, which is visible without a telescope or binoculars.


House Of Hope of North Carolina

About Us
houseofhope art1House of Hope of North Carolina is a Christian therapeutic school, home, and counseling center for hurting and vulnerable girls, ages 12-7 and their families. When there is a hurting teenage girl in a family, the entire family is affected and the entire family needs help.

We use the terms hurting and vulnerable because even though some of the girls at House of Hope may have been in trouble, their actions stem from a deeper hurt that has not healed.

​Since 1998, we have served approximately 253 families (around 715 people including girls, parents, step-parents, grandparents, and siblings) within a 60-mile radius of Clayton. We are able to serve 8 families at a time with our residential program and up to 20 families receiving non-residential services. Our goal is to help heal each family member and bring reconciliation to the family as a whole.

Parent Involvement
Parents are required to spend time with their daughter on approved weekly visits/passes for every program phase. Throughout the phases, both parents and teenager are involved in weekly counseling. Visitation and privileges are gradually increased so that we are consistently working toward our goal of reconciling the family.

PO Box 339, Clayton, NC 27528

408 Covered Bridge Road
Clayton, NC 27520

Tel: 919-550-8181

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: 919-550-8274

JoCo Flags For Heroes

JoCo Flags For Heroes 2022

We are excited to host our 3rd annual JoCo Flags For Heroes. With your help, we will fly a spectacular display of more than 1500 American flags between two fields of Johnston Health: in Clayton and Smithfield.

An initiative of the three Rotary Clubs of Johnston County, NC: Clayton Rotary Club, Cleveland School Rotary Club, and Rotary Club of Central Johnston County, consisting of two displays of American flags located in Clayton, NC and Smithfield, NC, to honor our heroes.

Flags for Heroes is back for 2022 to honor our heroes and celebrate Memorial Day and Flag Day! With your help, over 1500 American flags will be raised between two locations: Clayton and Smithfield, next to the Johnston Health Hospitals on Sunday, May 29, 2022 and will remain up through June 19, 2022. Click on the “Sponsor Flags” button to learn more and secure your flag sponsorship today!

In 2020, we started our mission to display American flags to honor the heroes of the members of our community during the pandemic. We continue to honor everyone’s heroes each year: Veterans, current military, first responders, frontline healthcare workers, family, friends, and strangers who have touched our lives and been an inspiration to us all. To all of these heroes:



Sunday, May 29th, 5pm – Opening Ceremonies & Flag Raising
Members of the three host Rotary Clubs, visiting Rotarians, local government officials, media partners, corporate and individual flag sponsors, representatives of Veteran associations, First Responders, and Healthcare workers are invited to attend a pre-Memorial Day ceremony followed by the raising of over 1500 flags between the two locations.

Tuesday, June 14th, 6:30pm – Celebrating National Flag Day & A tribute to our Veterans and First Responders.
Details to Follow. Refreshments will be provided once again by Publix of Clayton.

Sunday, June 19th, Time TBD – Father’s Day Family Heroes Event
We will hold a Flag Removal Ceremony. All of our sponsors are invited to join us for an afternoon of family fun and service (more details to follow).

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Mission: To illuminate the natural world and inspire its conservation
Vision: A knowledgeable and empowered society, making decisions informed by science

Come explore seven floors of interactive exhibit spaces that span two city blocks, courtesy of the largest natural history museum in the Southeast. From dinosaurs to dioramas, from microbes to meteorites, our exhibitions offer something for everyone. Free General Admission

ncmnsThe state’s museum devoted to science and nature, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in central Raleigh is the largest institution of its kind in the Southeastern United States and, with over a million visitors a year, the state’s most visited museum. Its 300,000 square-foot downtown campus is augmented by Prairie Ridge Ecostation and satellite facilities in Whiteville, Greenville and Contentnea Creek. Together, they provide a variety of curriculum-focused classes onsite, offsite, outdoors and online for pre-kindergarten through graduate students across the state.

As a museum of nature, we integrate the dual concepts of illumination and inspiration with the work we do and the many stories we tell. In a time of unprecedented environmental challenges, nothing could be more critical. This nexus of ideas makes us unique. Across three vibrant floors of laboratories and exhibitions, our Nature Research Center provides an unparalleled opportunity to see science in action by watching Museum researchers studying the natural world in real time. In the Nature Exploration Center, exhibits and live animal displays reveal North Carolina’s rich natural habitats, wildlife and geology from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

 exhibits bannerOur programs and activities impact people in all of the state’s 100 counties. We develop a variety of exhibits to share with institutions across North Carolina and support other museums by administering the North Carolina Science Museums Grant Program. We also engage the state’s students indirectly by providing professional development training for teachers, research opportunities for classrooms, and outdoor learning environments on school campuses.

In 2022, we will open “Dueling Dinosaurs,” a major permanent exhibition and laboratory devoted to a truly important paleontological discovery: the most complete fossils of a T. rex and Triceratops ever found, locked together at the time of death. This unique find will advance our understanding of these species and their behavior in ways we now can only begin to guess at. When open, Dueling Dinosaurs will allow the public to unravel the mystery behind their deaths in a state-of-the art interactive exhibit, while witnessing these remarkable fossils up close as they are studied by researchers in a scientific setting.

Visit The Beautiful and Informative Website

  • Downtown:Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–5pm
  • Prairie Ridge:Tuesday–Saturday, 9am–4pm
  • Whiteville:Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–4pm
  • Greenville:Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–5pm
  • Contentnea Creek:Saturday, 10am–2pm

Blue Recruit Offers Better Way For Blue-Collar Workers To Find Jobs

When Rich Camacho’s father-in-law was looking to hire an auto-body painter for his body shop, he placed an advertisement online and received 80 resumes—for house painters.

Online job platforms typically search for keywords, a system that usually works just fine for white-collar jobs, but often gets lost in translation for blue-collar jobs. Camacho recognized this problem and founded his own solution: Blue Recruit.

“We will be the first platform to market that does away with resumes, that does away with job posts,” Camacho said. “We want to allow America’s workers a very quick and efficient way to get their expertise, their experience out there.”

Founded in October 2018, Raleigh-based Blue Recruit is a job marketplace designed for the unique skills and needs of blue-collar workers. It was slated to present at the now-postponed CED Venture Connect Summit, but you’re in luck—you can watch Camacho tell the Blue Recruit story in this short (1:32) video.

Camacho came up with the concept for Blue Recruit after he worked for years in recruiting and talent acquisition. While many of the jobs he looked to fill were white-collar, like project managers, he also saw the tremendous need for good construction workers and other blue-collar employees.

Instead of requiring job-seekers to upload a resume, Blue Recruit has them list their skills. Camacho said this is because, on average, blue-collar jobs require more hard skills than white-collar jobs, and employers need to see what kind of work potential hires are qualified for.

“Resumes are awesome if you’re applying for an accounting job at a big firm,” Camacho said. “Frankly, why should a diesel mechanic waste his or her time writing a resume? Most employers care if that person can fix an engine, not write a one-page, qualitative resume.”

Blue Recruit is currently in a pre-registration beta period, but Camacho said he anticipates being fully functional by the end of August. It will use a B2B business model, where companies will pay a monthly subscription fee to view candidates that match their particular needs. When a company sees a candidate they think might be a good fit, it will send them a request, and a candidate can choose to accept the request if they are interested.

Job-seekers will be able to pay to have a criminal background check done on themselves, as well as a driving license check and certification verification, to help employers more fully understand their application. Camacho, a military veteran himself, said there will also be an option to mark if you have veteran status.

While Blue Recruit has been bootstrapped by founders Camacho, Matt Smith and Gina Camacho since its inception, it is hoping to raise a seed round this year. Camacho and his team had hoped to kick off that effort at Venture Connect, which obviously won’t happen. But the need and demand for blue-collar workers will still be strong when the coronavirus crisis passes; just think about the extra workout the pipes in your kitchen and bathroom will be getting with your whole family staying home all day, every day for the next few weeks.

“Right now, for the first time in a generation,” Camacho said, “the stigma against blue-collar, trade schools, apprenticeships, vocational-type training is starting to deteriorate, and I think that’s a good thing… We want to be part of the movement to tell America that an apprenticeship, a vocational training, is not only an awesome living, it’s a great way to live and create a professional career.”

What My Mule Taught Me About Communication

Opening the door to the truck, the heat assaulted me with the punch of a sauna. Today's training with the Dually Halter would be challenging due to the high humidity; fortunately, there was a slight breeze. The breeze brought with it the scent of a nearby estuary. Okay, I thought, get your kit and visit Miss Molly for a while before we start groundwork.

Walking toward Miss Molly's paddock, I noticed the fields were lush with green grass. The blue sky was highlighted with titanium white clouds. Each footfall on the crushed gravel made a distinctive crunch reminded me of my progress toward the paddock. I began to wonder who would be more distracted in training today, me or Miss Molly.

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Clayton Fire Department is eagerly awaiting the completion of its newest asset, the ladder truck. The ladder truck is a valuable addition to the Fire Department's assembly of trucks and engines, and it will elevate the department's ability to protect and serve the community.

“This ladder truck will benefit our community in many ways,” said Matt Sutphin, Deputy Fire Chief at Clayton Fire Department. “It’s something that we’ve been working on for years, but we wanted to ensure we had the proper staffing. Clayton Town Council has been very supportive about adding this truck to our fleet, and I believe they may be just as excited as we are.”  

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