Clayton Fire Department is eagerly awaiting the completion of its newest asset, the ladder truck. The ladder truck is a valuable addition to the Fire Department's assembly of trucks and engines, and it will elevate the department's ability to protect and serve the community.

“This ladder truck will benefit our community in many ways,” said Matt Sutphin, Deputy Fire Chief at Clayton Fire Department. “It’s something that we’ve been working on for years, but we wanted to ensure we had the proper staffing. Clayton Town Council has been very supportive about adding this truck to our fleet, and I believe they may be just as excited as we are.”  

What makes the ladder truck unique is the 107-foot aerial ladder that it carries. The ladder truck is versatile and advantageous in various situations.  

The ladder truck will enable firefighters to respond to emergencies with improved efficiency. Since the ladder is attached to the truck, it saves firefighters time and energy since it is easier to employ and maneuver. Clayton Fire Department previously relied on 35-foot ground ladders. The new ladder truck can also pump 2,000 gallons of water per minute, 500 more gallons than the department's existing engines.  

“Personnel will go through extensive operations training over the following months prior to it officially going into service,” said Stacey Turner, Clayton Fire Department Battalion Chief. “This is to ensure that our personnel can safely and effectively operate it, being that this is a unique truck. Not only unique for us, but the design of the truck may be the first of its kind in the area.”

The ladder truck is capable of shooting water down onto a fire from a superior height. This ability makes the new truck essential when responding to fires in heavily populated and developed areas. Fires in these circumstances are at high risk of spreading, and the ladder truck can help protect our community from that danger.   

“We’ve had great input from staff and the truck committee during the design process. This has been a team effort by all involved, and we are excited to see the final outcome.  When kids come to visit the station or see us out in public, they always ask ‘Do you have a ladder truck?’ Before too long, we will be able to say ‘Yes, do you want to see it?,’” said Sutphin.  

The Clayton Fire Department is sharing the truck's production process on their social media pages. Follow along with their posts on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the ladder truck and how it will benefit our Fire Department and community.   

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