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Local News Clayton, NC

clayton north carolina news

'The word is out.' Growing population, retail and biotech fueling Clayton's boomtown surge

| Clayton Living | News
By: Joel Brown
Wednesday, May 24, 2023

ABC 11'S Boomtowns series traveled to Clayton to get a closer look at the supercharged growth of this one-time Johnston County mill town that's turned itself into a magnet for new residents, retail and biotech jobs.

"The word is out."
"Oh my gosh, they're several things that make Clayton a boomtown. One of them certainly is our geographic location," said Clayton Mayor Jody McLeod on what's fueling the growth.

The town's boom is certainly benefiting from just how connected it is. It sits right off I-40; close to I-95; US 70 and 42; and the soon-to-be-completed 540 outer loop through Clayton is expected to unlock a whole new level of growth.

"The word is out that Clayton is a place for people to want to live work and play. And that's what's really been fueling a lot of this growth," said Clayton Town Manager Rich Cappola.

How big is the boom? In 2010, Clayton's population was 16,000. Now, the town boasts 28,000 residents. Johnston is the fastest-growing county in the state. And most of those new residents are moving to Clayton. Every day, five new people move here.

"It's a lot of new people moving from New York, from Florida, also California," said L.D. Broadhurst about the new neighbors being lured in by lower home prices and proximity to Research Triangle Park.

Broadhurst works at Glen's Barbershop on Main Street where he's happy to lure in these new customers for a good haircut.

"We are one of the top barbershops here in Clayton. Google us!" he said with a smile.

"It's good and bad."
Mickie Seligsohn retired here in 2005. She's had a front-row seat for Clayton's resurgence from an aging town abandoned by the textile mills to a charming Raleigh-fueled enclave where neighbors know neighbors to boomtown, the hottest ZIP code in the state.

"It's good and bad," said Seligsohn who has heard some grumbling about the growth. "Everybody's complaining because they don't have that small-town effect. But it's like everybody that's complaining are the new people moving in that are creating the problem."

ABC 11 spoke with Chris Johnson via Zoom from a retail convention in Las Vegas. It's Johnson's job to sell the world on Johnston County. The economic development director is celebrating some big wins: Construction is set to start soon on the Copper District which will transform 300 acres of the old Penny Farm into one of the largest mixed-use projects in the Triangle. Like a North Hills in Clayton, it's promising over 800 homes, high-rise offices, retail, and hotel

"The real estate market is all about location," Johnson said. "We've always been a part of the Triangle region. But you know, reaching or expanding that Raleigh-Wake County footprint is really encompassing of all of Johnston County now."

The explosive growth has also brought new concerns about traffic and crime. And town leaders have heard the grumbles over Clayton losing its small-town charm. They're pledging to continue working to create a balance between preserving what people love about old Clayton and welcoming in all the new.

"We certainly can't forget where we came from, what made Clayton a great place to be," said Cappola. "And why all these folks want to be here is what we gotta make sure we keep to our core."

The strongest growth in Clayton, currently, is in biopharmaceuticals. Global drug makers Grifols and Novo-Nordisk both call Clayton home. And both companies have massive expansion plans in the works.

More jobs, more people producing a Clayton boom showing no signs of slowing down.

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'Growing tremendously': Bars, restaurants opening at incredible rate in Clayton as town booms

| Clayton Living | News
By: Elaina Athans WTVD
Monday, August 21, 2023

CLAYTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Clayton's food scene is thriving and driving booming growth in one of the fastest-growing areas in North Carolina.

The owners of Main Street Beer and Wine said residents have been knocking on the door wondering when they're finally going to open and officially join Clayton's thriving culinary scene.

"It is an exciting time and it's fun to be part of a town that has rallied around itself," said Main Street Beer and Wine Co-Owner Ashley Techet.

"This area is growing tremendously," said Main Street Beer and Wine Co-Owner Olena Milovanona. "This new population just needs more things. It needs more things to do or places to meet, more restaurants to try -- more variety."

The shop is holding its grand opening Friday.

"We love this community. Everybody has been extremely friendly and very welcoming," said Milovanona.

Entrepreneurs are working overtime to make sure all those people and their money stay local.

Clayton's population is exploding. Census data shows it shot up more than 70% from 2010.

Five-time James Beard semifinalist chef Scott Crawford was one of the first big names to move into downtown Clayton.

Corina Rice Knott has lived here for years and wanted to be a part of the action. She left her job in sales and opened a provisions shop this past March.

"We do lots of lunch caterings," she said

Her business has taken off thanks to new clientele.

"There are so many people moving here every single day -- new rooftops going up every single day," Knott said. "I just definitely wanted to be a part of that mix and just (give) people an option that they didn't have to drive all the way into Raleigh to have a nice meal."

Flowers Plantation keeps expanding and the developer is embarking upon another big project.

The Waterfront District is in the planning stage. The mixed-use development will have restaurants, a hotel, condos, and other retail spaces.

The Copper District is simultaneously being developed also as a mixed-used space.

"(It's going to be) almost like a North Hills (or) Fenton type area, which is going to change the fabric of Johnston County where we're going to become a destination," said Clayton Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dana Wooten. "The growth here has just been insurmountable over the last 3 years."

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